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Staffing Sucks

We're doing it different.

We believe that everyone has the freedom to own their work. We are creating a community of worker owners to do just that.

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This is not staffing as usual

The traditional staffing model is busted.
We're changing the narrative.

Not just a W2. A Worker Owner.

With us, you are more than just a number. You belong
to a community of worker owners that believe in the
right to own their own work.

More Skin in the Game.

We deliver higher quality, on-demand staffing services
in different industries, and everyone we place owns the

Work to Own Cooperative.

We believe that equity is a right and people deserve to
have a say in their company. With us, you get both day

We're changing the narrative

We're redefining staffing

Your hours worked are an investment. Your time is an landing-assets.

Core Staffing

specializes in labor industries for people that are coming home from prison and jail.

Tribe Digital Platform
Coming Soon.

We are hard at work creating a digital on-demand staffing platform owned by the workers. We believe this is the future of work. Subscribe here to stay in the loop.

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